Why Choose the Airlie Hotel as Your Virginia Wedding Venue?

If you’re diving into the depths of planning your wedding and seeking that perfect backdrop that’s both versatile and breathtaking, let me guide you through the wonders of the Airlie Hotel, a premier wedding venue in Warrenton, Virginia. Having had the pleasure of capturing Jordan and Michael’s love story, from their engagement session last October to their beautiful wedding in February, I've amassed a wealth of insights into why this venue is a dream for couples and photographers alike.

The Airlie Hotel isn’t just a venue; it’s a canvas where your wedding dreams are painted into reality. The grounds are a labyrinth of photo opportunities, each corner telling a different story. Let’s talk about a few spots that stand out:

  • The Steps and Maze Garden: Imagine cascading Spanish steps surrounded by their pond and gorgeous remainder of the property—a perfect spot for those grand, cinematic shots. Nearby, the maze garden offers a playful yet elegant setting, ideal for capturing moments of genuine interaction and joy.
  • The Butterfly Garden and Pond: For couples seeking a touch of whimsy and romance, the butterfly garden is a sanctuary of color and life. It’s where Jordan and Michael chose for their first look and vow exchange, creating intimate moments against a backdrop vibrant with nature. The pond, with its serene waters and quaint bridge, offers a tranquil setting for reflective and romantic shots.
  • The Property as a Whole: The Airlie’s expansive property means you’re spoilt for choice. Whether it’s the grandeur of the architecture or the natural beauty of the gardens and open spaces, every photo tells a story of elegance and beauty.

Jordan and Michael

Capturing the essence of a couple's love is what I do, and with Jordan and Michael, it was all in the way they looked at each other. From the moment they locked eyes during their first look in the butterfly garden, it was clear—these two share a deep, unwavering bond. Having been together since they were 15, their journey from high school sweethearts to college graduates now stepping into marriage is a testament to their strong foundation of love and companionship. It's these genuine moments, these unspoken conversations held in their glances, that I am so grateful to be able to capture in my work. Jordan and Michael's day unfolded seamlessly from there, from the individual bridal party shots capturing the camaraderie and style of their closest friends, to the profoundly personal moments of their first look and vow exchange in the butterfly garden. Each setting within the Airlie offered its own unique charm, perfectly complementing the moments being lived and captured.

The Airlie Hotel Grounds
Groomsman at a wedding in the The Airlie Hotel Garden
Groomsman at the Spanish steps of an Airlie Hotel Wedding
Bride and Groom exchange vows at an Airlie Hotel Wedding
bride and groom hold each other at an Airlie Hotel Wedding

A Rainy Back Up Wedding Ceremony at Airlie

Amidst the unexpected turn of weather that morning, it was decided to have the ceremony indoors. Jordan, Michael, and their bridal party gathered for a moment of individual prayer before the ceremony. This heartfelt moment of unity and reflection added a profound depth to the day, anchoring everyone in the love and commitment about to be celebrated. At the Airlie, the seamless transition to their long, elegant indoor hall for the ceremony showcased the venue’s versatility and commitment to making every wedding perfect, no matter the weather. Surrounded by the warmth and ample window light of the indoor setting, this change of plans brought an intimate atmosphere to the forefront, where moments of reflection and prayer were not only accommodated but felt even more embraced, setting a serene and powerful tone for the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, we moved to the stone patio garden for family portraits. This secluded spot at the Airlie offers a mix of manicured beauty and natural charm, making it an ideal location for capturing these important mementos. The stone textures and surrounding greenery added a timeless elegance to each portrait, reflecting the joy and unity of family coming together to celebrate Jordan and Michael’s union.

Entering the reception, the Airlie Hotel Pavilion presented itself as a marvel of architectural beauty and cozy ambience. This octagon-shaped building, with its gorgeous wood ceiling adorned with fairy lights, created a magical setting for the evening’s celebrations. The lighting, combined with the pavilion’s unique structure, allowed for stunning photos that captured the joy and energy of the reception. From the heartwarming speeches to the lively dance floor where Jordan, Michael, and their guests let loose, every moment was a celebration of love and life.

The day’s festivities concluded with a series of memorable events: the cake cutting, a brief escape outdoors for some spectacular night shots, a final solo dance, and the sparkler exit. Each of these moments was enhanced by the Airlie’s impeccable service and fantastic food, ensuring that the day was as seamless as it was special.

Airlie Hotel & Conference Center Features

I've had the privilege of capturing the essence of love and commitment at the exquisite Airlie in Warrenton, VA. This venue, celebrated by Washingtonian Magazine as “The Most Romantic Ceremony Site We Have Ever Seen,” offers a canvas of 300 beautiful acres of Virginia countryside, perfect for crafting your unique love story. From the serenity of an indoor or outdoor ceremony, to the vibrant outdoor settings that come alive in every season, Airlie ensures that every detail of your wedding day is imbued with elegance and beauty. With our experience, we've seen firsthand how Airlie's seasoned events team brings each couple’s vision to life, making every moment shine against the backdrop of this picturesque venue.

The true essence of Airlie's charm extends beyond the ceremony. It's reflected in the joyful experiences of couples who have made their vows here. Through our lens, we've witnessed the flawless execution of every aspect of these special days. From intimate rehearsal dinners at Harry's to receptions in the pavilion, where the fairy lights twinkle like stars against the wooden ceiling, Airlie crafts an enchanting backdrop for celebrations. The versatility of Airlie's venues, from the lively cocktail hours on the veranda to the elegant dinners by Lake Stanley or within the grandeur of the historic Airlie House, allows us to capture the beauty and individuality of each wedding. It's the attention to detail, the outstanding service, and the exceptional food that make each event a dream come true for couples and a joy for us to photograph.

Let Benson Park Photography Capture Your Airlie Wedding

At Benson Park Photography, we believe that your wedding day is more than just an event; it's the beginning of a beautiful story set against the stunning landscape of Northern Virginia. The Airlie, with its intimate and grand venues, offers the perfect setting for weddings of any size, just 90 minutes from DC. Whether you envision a grand celebration in the Pavilion, a romantic dinner by Lake Stanley, or an intimate elopement amidst the organic gardens, we're here to capture every moment.

As I reflect on Jordan and Michael’s incredible wedding day, it’s clear that the Airlie Hotel is more than just a venue; it’s a place where dreams come to life, where every detail is catered to with care, and where each moment becomes a cherished memory. If you’re envisioning your wedding at the Airlie, or anywhere that calls for capturing love in its most genuine form, let’s talk. Reach out to us, and let’s make your wedding day unforgettable. Also check out our recent post here on wedding budget planning if you need help on planning or saving for your wedding.

Wedding Photography: Benson Park Photography

Wedding Planner: Eliza Gallagher

Wedding Venue & Caterer: Airlie Hotel & Conference Center

Bride and groom run during Airlie Hotel Wedding Sparkler Exit
Bride and groom kiss during Airlie Hotel Wedding Sparkler Exit
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