The Marine Corps, Catholic Wedding of Kelli & John at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA

Today, I'm excited to recount my recent journey of documenting the wedding of Kelli & John at the mesmerizing Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. While Washington DC has been a backdrop to numerous historical moments, this July, it paused to celebrate the love-filled union of the newlyweds, the Burkes! We'll start this post off with some details of their ring, cake and gorgeous wedding table spreads.

Getting Wedding Ready at the Mariott on Capitol Hill

The day started off with getting ready at the gorgeous Washington Marriott on Capitol Hill. This is an excellent hotel to get ready at, as the space is grand, modern and elegant. The groomsmen left early to head to the church while Kelli and her bridesmaid finished the last of their prep. Kelli did a grand reveal on the steps of the hotel before heading onto their bridal party bus to the Catholic Church of Saint Joseph’s in Washington DC.

A Sacred Union at Saint Joseph’s

In the heart of Capitol Hill, Washington DC, stands the grand St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, an architectural marvel with history echoing through its walls. It was here that Kelli and John chose to begin their lifelong journey together. The day was filled with poignant moments, but one that stood out was Kelli's first look with her father. As he turned to see his daughter, dressed in her bridal elegance, emotions flowed freely. Their bond, captured by Benson Park Photography, was a testament to the beauty of father-daughter relationships.

As the elegant Catholic ceremony commenced, the aura inside the church was palpable. John, a Marine officer and our groom, was the epitome of pride and grace in his sharp uniform, while the bridal party added to the elegance with men in sleek grey suits and ladies donning delicate rose dresses. At Benson Park Photography, we pride ourselves on our courtesy and professionalism, especially during sacred ceremonies like these. We believe in capturing memories while ensuring we respect the sanctity of the rituals and church's customs.

The highlight came post-ceremony with a surprise that left everyone in awe. As Kelli and John stepped out as husband and wife, they were greeted with a grand exit, a traditional sword ceremony. Marine and Navy officers, dressed in their formal uniforms, stood lined up, swords raised, creating a spectacular archway for the couple to walk through. The gleaming blades, the crisp uniforms, and the couple's joyous expressions made it an unforgettable moment, a fitting tribute to their love and the journey they had embarked upon. On to their Bridal Party Portrait session on Capitol Hill.

Wedding Portraits at Capitol Hill and Lincoln Memorial

Post the heartwarming ceremony, the newlyweds and their bridal party hopped onto their party bus. Destination? The iconic Capitol Hill and the Lincoln Memorial. For couples in the DMV area, particularly those from DC and Arlington like Kelli and John, these monumental backdrops added a touch of timeless elegance to their wedding gallery.

July in the DMV area, especially in DC and Arlington, can be sweltering. Yet, Kelli, John, and their guests displayed an admirable spirit. Armed with elegant fans, refreshing drinks, and sheer excitement, we all navigated the heat with joy.

An Arlington Reception to Remember

As guests arrived at the Army Navy Club in Arlington, Virginia, they were welcomed to a lavish cocktail hour set on the club's picturesque terrace. Overlooking panoramic views, attendees indulged in an exquisite spread of appetizers that showcased culinary excellence. The highlight of the cocktail hour, however, were the custom cocktails and lavish food spreads.

Moving from the breezy ambiance of the terrace, guests were ushered into the club's magnificent ballroom, a spacious haven that boasts the capacity to comfortably host 300 individuals. Elegantly adorned and sparkling under the chandeliers, the room buzzed with anticipation. The energy hit its peak as the bridal party made their entrances, each with their distinctive, fun intros. But the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived when Kelli & John gracefully stepped onto the dance floor. Under the soft glow of the ballroom lights, they shared a poignant first dance, their love evident in every step and twirl.

Following this display, Kelli and John shared dances with their parents, an homage to the deep-rooted love and gratitude they held for their families. These intimate moments set the stage for a sumptuous dinner. Guests were treated to a gourmet buffet that tantalized the palate. A series of toasts were given and then the beats got livelier, inviting everyone onto the dance floor. The rest of the evening was a blur of laughter, dance, and celebration, marking the beginning of Kelli and John's new chapter in the most memorable way.

Army Navy Country Club Pricing & Details

The Army Navy Club in Arlington, Virginia, stands out as a premier venue for weddings and events, offering a blend of historical elegance and modern amenities. With a range of rental options to fit varying budgets and needs, the club offers spaces that range in price from $150 to $2,000. However, when considering a wedding or grand event, potential hosts should note that the food and beverage requirements might extend to $15,000 or more. This ensures a top-tier dining experience, catering to the culinary expectations that the club has become renowned for.

For those contemplating the Army Navy Club for their big day or any significant event, it is essential to get a clear picture of the costs and the amenities provided. While the aforementioned gives a ballpark figure, the most accurate and updated pricing details can be obtained directly from the club. For those who wish to delve deeper into the breakdown of costs and offerings, the club provides a detailed document which can be accessed by clicking here. Before finalizing any venue, always ensure that it aligns with your vision, budget, and the experience you desire for your guests.

Your Arlington, Virginia Wedding Photography Solution

We simply can't say enough good things about Army Navy Club in Arlington. From the welcoming staff to the impeccably designed interiors and breathtaking exteriors, it's a dream venue for any couple. If you're about to embark on your wedding journey and are in search of a team to capture your special day, we’d be honored to be a part of it. Trust in Benson Park Photography to freeze those priceless moments. Contact us today, and let's make memories together!

Kelli's Review of Benson Park Photography:

"Aidan is THE BEST. You’ll see some of our wedding photos on his Knot page and website; I can attest he is an absolute professional & joy to work with, AND made our day look JUST as magical as it felt for me and my husband. That is a rare thing to capture with photos, but he did it… not to mention, he was very mindful of my physical insecurities (like my arms, which I’ve never liked) and didn’t use or send me any unflattering photos. I want to print them all!!! He braved 100° temps for our big day, and was SO incredibly patient despite the hecticness of the day. If you live in the DC/VA/MD area, you HAVE to talk to Aidan!!! We couldn’t have captured this special day in such a tangible way without him! Our friends and family cannot stop raving about the quality of his work, too."

-Kelli Burke

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