DC Wedding Photographer: Aidan Demolli stands with beautiful virginia couple.

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I'm Aidan Demolli, the lead photographer and memory-maker here at Benson Park Photography. I'm here to capture the fun, the love, every perfect moment of your big day! But, fair warning: my calendar fills up quickly. Take a look at my booked dates below and lock in your spot before your dream date vanishes. I can't wait to work with you!


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2023 Dates Taken

12/09/2023 Kate & David's Wedding

12/15/2023 Valeria & Nick's Wedding

12/16/2023 Chenega's Holiday Gala

12/31/2023 Hillary & Kevin's NYE Wedding

2024 Dates Taken

01/13/2024 Becca & Anto's Wedding

02/10/2024 Jordan & Michael's Wedding

04/20/2024 Annie & Evan's Wedding (California)

04/27/2024 Hayley & Joe's Wedding

05/03/2024 Alex & Tyler's Wedding

05/04/2024 Josie & Jacob's Wedding

05/11/2024 Alejandra & David's Wedding

05/18/2024 Julie & Nelson's Wedding

05/25/2024 Josh & Ashlea's Wedding (Wisconsin)

06/01/2024 Caitlin & Nick's Wedding

06/08/2024 Tiffany & Darren's Wedding

06/15/2024 Mary & Patrick's Wedding

07/13/2024 Angelica & Patrick's Wedding

08/10/2024 Daniel & Kathleen's Wedding

08/31/2024 Will & Michael's Wedding

09/21/2024 Layla & Dillon's Wedding

10/12/2024 Chris & Christine's Wedding

10/13/2024 Will Gottwald's Reception

10/26/2024 Cierra & Josh's Wedding

2025 Dates Taken

04/26/2025 Andrea & Robert's Wedding

Best Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer captures DC's best tasting Wedding cake
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Benson Park Photography is thrilled to serve lovebirds not only in Virginia, but also in DC, Maryland, and destinations abroad. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or an extravagant celebration, we're here to capture the essence of your dream wedding day with our artistic touch and creative flair. So don't wait and potentially lose your date!

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